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When purchasing a plus size coat, there are several different factors to take into account, depending on what kind of coat that it is, and what its purpose will be in your wardrobe.

Plus Size Trench Coats – Trench coats are not only one of the most fashionable and chic styles of coats around, in whatever size they come in, but they are also very flattering!  The cinched waist and fuller skirt can hide a multitude of sins! Even more fun is the fact that trench coats come in a variety of vibrant colors, not only the basic tan variety.  Have some fun with your choice!

Plus Size Swing Coats - This beautiful style of coat is perfect for full figured women.  Choose styles in which the  hem  falls immediately below your waistline.  This will make your hips look smaller because the fabric swings away just at that point.   Swing coats are gorgeous when paired with either pants or skirts – they are one of the most flexible styles.

Plus Size Raincoats -If you live in a climate that requires a rain coat, never fear!  There are many beautiful styles of plus size raincoats available that will complement your outfit.  Remember to try on the coat over your bulkiest sweater.  If it fits comfortably over that, you know it’s a winner!

Current Featured Stunner!

This gorgeous red cashmere peacoat comes in sizes up to 24 – it’s a must have! Click on the photos below to check it out!

Plus Size Sweater Vest

Clothing size whether it is the petite or a full figured size, is no longer a problem in today’s world. By walking and browsing through different stores that line the streets or even by surfing the internet, you will see that clothes are available in all sizes.

Stylish looks come in affordable prices as well as size range. Accepting your size and dressing according to your size is always the in thing. Layering away with fashionable tops and some plus size vests can hug your body in all the right places, heightening your stylish ability, your overall appearance as well as your confidence.

The main do’s and don’ts for curvier individuals is first and foremost never to dress in a size smaller than you actually are. An outfit that is too tight will make obvious your undesirable parts and it will highlight this in the wrong way. Tight clothes tend to be warmer and don’t breathe so it will also make you sweat in places unmentionable. In choosing plus size vests that have stripes on them like the pinstripe, pick ones where the lines go vertically. Lines that go across the chest makes the wearer look wider across too. On the hand, lines that go up and down the body add length and slim out the widest part of your body. Earth-toned colors are also a good way to go. Wearing black all over does not make the wearer look slimmer. Whites, chocolate, mustard, maroon are just some of the colors that can slim and lengthen a plus size woman.

Plus Size Sweater Coat

Finding a fashionable plus size sweater coat is easier to come by nowadays. With more socially conscious brands and designers out in the market, plus size women don’t have to go through the men’s department in order to find themselves something to keep them warm over the holidays. They don’t have to hide in straight-cut, dull-colored sweater coats that only make them look more haggard.

If you’re conscious of your size, it will only be doing you worse by draping your body with something that looks like a blanket in an attempt to hide yourself. On the contrary, finding something form-fitting can actually compliment your physique and make you look even more attractive despite the layers of winter clothing. A plus size sweater coat, when chosen correctly can accentuate your curves and make you look fashionably trendy at the same time.

You can try a plus size sweater coat synched at the waist with a belt to give the illusion of a smaller waist. Make sure the length of the coat is just well above the knee in order to elongate your appearance. Furthermore, when choosing the material, chose one that is lightweight but can give you the same amount of warmth. You don’t want to be adding extra bulk to your image as it is. Stick to neutral tones such as dark grey or khaki and when going for colors go for a darker shade such as purple.

There are plenty of ways to find the right plus size sweater coat, one of the most convenient ways is through the internet. You can look up designs and compare prices without having to go to different stores; since sweater coats are usually wrap-arounds, you can be assured that a plus size sweater coat will fit you just right.

Plus Size Parkas

Being quite heavy at the scales does not mean immediate ineligibility to wear a proper parka, especially if you’re from the north where arctic temperatures and icy blasts are an everyday occurrence during cold season months. Plus size parkas equipped with the same advanced technology to resist cold weather fronts in fashionable designs are available in the market today. These parkas come in a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from, making them not only functional but fashionable to wear as well. From advanced thermal insulation technology to state-of –the-art materials designed to provide waterproof protection to its wearer, the same technology built in normal sized parkas can be obtained with plus size parkas available today.

A bewildering variety of parkas are designed specifically for plus size people, and come in a wide range of sizes that is guaranteed to fit any plus size shape and form, male or female. Parkas give the necessary insulation for thermal retention, essential elements to provide maximum performance whether the occupant is at work or at play. Wherever you live and no matter how harsh the environment gets, plus size parkas provide maximum protection even for the most full-bodied man or woman. Plus size parkas range from different sizes, from basic XL to 2XL-3XL-4XL and 5XL (14 to 32W) plus sizes. Being full-bodied does not negate the purpose of a plus size parka during cold winter months. The proper plus size parka would guarantee maximum comfort and warmth in rain, snow or cold icy fronts.

Plus Size Raincoats

If you don’t want to be tired out holding an umbrella and still getting wet and the idea that you can’t spend some blissful time outdoors with your friends this coming rainy season does not appeal to you as well, then a stylish plus size raincoat can probably serve as your saving grace.

Looking for a warm outfit to wear on a rainy day is a common torment that many individuals, most especially those with voluptuous figures, usually face. It is easy to find one that can prevent you from getting wet and cold; however, the items that you typically have are far from trendy and unpleasing to look at. Apart from that, an ordinary raincoat brings out the worst in your figure, making you look baggier, shapeless and like a tent.

Fortunately, there are garments manufacturers who understand the sentiments of consumers under this category. Plus size raincoat is made available with more and more designs to make your selection from. There are styles which can keep your undesired areas under wraps and even the colours and prints on hand promote an impression of a slimmer body structure while maintaining sophistication.

Plus Size Winter Coats

Colder and cooler climates call for perfect plus size winter coats. It doesn’t actually look good to be hiding your figure in layers upon layers of clothes. Others might just think you’ve worn all the clothes you have in your closet at one time. What a strange and embarrassing picture that would be.

Weight as it were is no longer a debate in the fashion industry today. Famous designers are opting for well endowed curvier plus size models and seeing the super thin hanger-esque individuals as passé. The world has accepted that the full figure is a reality and it’s surely a better option to embrace this than to shun it. The first rule to having great style is to dress the size that you are, never the size you wish to be. So go out with your fantastically figured self, strut your stuff on cold snow days dressed perfectly warm and fashionable with plus size winter coats.

The choices are endless. Accent your body in the most beautiful way while keeping warm at the same time. Cozy up in a coat your size without the need to layer and add bulk to your voluptuous image. Not only are they more comfortable, they also boost your self esteem and highly improve your body image. On a snow day, work and school might be canceled; the world is your stage and the streets, your runway. Walk with confidence and comfort in plus size winter coats that fit you to a tee.

Plus Size Outerwear

We live in an era that is more accepting and more open to differences than in any century we’ve ever been in. Gone are the days when learned women were burned at the stake. Gone are the days where women’s roles are limited solely to keeping the hearth ablaze with cooking and darning holes on men’s socks.

It is likewise in this day and age that any woman, regardless of her shape and size can wear clothes that are of good quality while looking good and feeling good. Style, after all is not only for the slim figured people and they are making it more so, by producing plus size outerwear. Frumpy dresses, oversized shirts don’t have to be an option for a curvier woman. It is more of a fashion faux pas as well to be dressing a size bigger or in sizes smaller than your figure. Today is all about dressing the size you are!

Wearing the right clothes basically means wearing the right sized ones that fit your properly. Having style stems from this basic principle. Wearing the right size functions as a way to raise your self esteem and give you a boost in your confidence. You don’t have to worry that you look like a walking sack or if you’re exposing some part of your body you’d rather not. Plus size outerwear gives you full coverage and makes you a fashionably trendy at the same time. So don’t try to make an excuse when you go out in the cold without anything to wear, because plus size outerwear is now conveniently available everywhere you go.

Plus Size Pea Coat

Almost every body type is recognized by the fashion industry today. There are more and more choices and options for the super slim to the full-figured. You might have heard that some pieces of clothing shouldn’t be worn by a plus size person, or that the double breasted jackets and double columned pea coats are not an option for you–that is not so anymore.

A plus size pea coat is a good piece to have in your closet. They’re fun and functional as well. Winter coats aren’t the only thing you need to have to keep warm during cool or cold days. The pea coat is great for cold weather activities that entail a lot of movement like ice skating or snowball fights, as the usual pea coat length hits the wearer right above the hip or mid thigh. With fashion accepting and embracing all sizes, you can now find a plus size pea coat on the rack that is form fitting and accents all the right spots. The issue is the way the coat is cut and not the pea coat itself; a well tailored one will define your waist or give the illusion that you’re taller. There are so many colors to choose from and designers now have them in deep reds, violet blues and neutral colors like a neutral taupe to avoid accenting the wrong areas.

On cold winter nights spent under the stars, get snug and warm with a plus size pea coat that goes well with your jeans, skirt and nearly any piece of clothing you have in your closet.

Plus Size Jackets

Are you in the market for cute plus size jackets?  Join the club!  Fashion should never suffer, no matter the season.  In fact, the chilly winter weather just gives you one more excuse to add another adorable accessory to your outfit – a stylish jacket.

Use Plus Size Jackets for Layering

That one style that’s always in on cool days or when temperatures unpredictably go up and down is layering. It is definitely a fashion statement that is essential to keeping warm as well as dry. Basically, you’ll need to wear something that can draw moisture away from your body while keeping you cool in the process. The jacket functions as a way to insulate the body, cut the wind and protect you in wet weather.

Choice Doesn’t Have to Suffer – Designer Plus Size Jackets are All the Rage!

Size is an important consideration in fashion nowadays. Stylish clothes are being produced to cover and keep warm every kind of person be they slender figured or blessed with fabulous curves. Style is now open to the petite as well as the full figured, plus they’re becoming more affordable too. Some of the great pieces to use to top off your layering fashion are the plus size jackets. They come in any brand so it’s easy to buy from your favorite designer or label or you can try a new designer out and see how their fashion designs suit you. Choices have never been more abundant and in full flourish especially with so many online options.

Celebrate Your Shape With Cute and Tailored Jackets!

Great fashion gurus and experts did say that the most wonderful fashion ‘do’ is accepting and dressing your size. It’s a definite no-no to be wearing plus size jackets in a size bigger or worse, smaller than your true size. Busting at the seams and having excess fabric around you accents your beautiful figure in all the wrong angles. Also, something too tight will make you sweat in unimaginable places even when the day turns to a more manageable temperature.

Plus Size Duster

In the earlier period, dusters were worn to keep off trail dust from the inner clothing, especially for those who rode horses or motorcycles as their means of transportation. With the evolution of the fashion industry, dusters have now been made trendier and regarded as one of the must-have items in every wardrobe.

A plus size duster can be found in many different clothing outlets and even online stores. You can find a wide-range selection of this piece of garment given its numerous designs, colours and materials. Although best when worn during the colder seasons, you can still be dressed with dusters all year round because a lot of them now come in lightweight fabrics. A plus size duster has the ability to create an illusion of a longer figure because of the garment’s length which is usually from the middle of the thigh to below the knees. For that reason, most women despite having voluptuous figures get hooked on these fashionable items. You can play with your inner clothing that is accentuated with these elegant dusters. Either you pair it with a simple pair of pants, or have it matched up with your smart business attire, a plus size duster never fails to give your getup that graceful finishing touches.

As a whole, what makes this attire liked by many is that it sets aside the misconception that a cold weather jacket needs to be bulky and unflattering. You can actually do away with looking heavier wearing an ordinary coat by opting for a lightweight duster instead. This is truly a piece that is both versatile and timeless.

Plus Size Denimn Jacket

The denim look is a look that never goes out of style which is why the most reliable piece in a person’s wardrobe is their jeans. But in some seasons or situations, jeans are not enough; and so, we have shorts, shirts, waistcoats, and jackets made from denim.

This is a high time to be involved in the fashion game and world of being stylish because despite your physique, whether it be petite, curvaceous, tall or stout, you can readily find clothes your size. Even if you buy the most expensive item on the clothes rack, if it doesn’t fit right, it can easily become a fashion disaster. Therefore, with the right outfit, you no longer have to hide in embarrassment for you know you look great and extremely attractive—and looking great and attractive puts you well on the way to being a more confident you and facing life with a more positive outlook. If you’re full figured and want to cover up a little, a plus size denim jacket can add a cool factor to your outfit. Make a choice among the varied lengths, cuts and washes out in stores now.

Dressing your ordinary outfit is the best way to be fashion forward, so go ahead and get yourself a plus size denim jacket and put your own spin on the denim. Just like fingerprints, no two people can look the same in one denim-styled outfit. A good point to remember though in purchasing jeans or any denim item for that matter, is to choose one with a high amount of spandex in it. This will help your jacket or any other denim clothing to conform to your fantastic curves.

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